187 Nigerians Return, South Africa Employs Rules To Stop Others


The number of Nigerians that made it back to Nigeria drastically reduced following moves by the South African government to frustrate the evacuation efforts. Only about 187 adults and children were successfully evacuated on Wednesday as against the 320 Nigerians expected back home.

The flight arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, at 9.43pm.

One of the returnees, Uche Victor, told journalists that he left his wife who he said was a Cameronian and a young daughter behind. He said, “I’m bleeding because I left my wife and baby but I have to come back because my mother cries for me to return. If something happens to me she will suffer. I left my business, I came back with nothing. South Africans believe all Nigerians are drug pushers, but I don’t know the colour of any drug.”

Victor, who explained that he left Nigeria for South Africa in 2007, explained that the attacks were anger against the government. “They are only venting their anger on foreigners. They started with black and will move to whites,” he said.

According to him, the flight would have returned earlier but the South African government made it difficult. “The didn’t want us to go but for Nigeria’s consulate,” he added.

Another returnee from Abia State, who gave his name as Onuoha, said a lot of Nigerians were still stranded as they could not return with their properties.

Aliu Saheed, from Osun State, said his shop was burgled and he came back home empty-handed. “But I’m happy to be home, I’m not going back again,” he said.

One of our correspondents learnt that the South African authorities went further to cancel visas that were issued to the returning Nigerians. A picture on Facebook showed a Nigerian passport with a cancelled South African visa as of September 10.

The Chairman, Nigerian Diaspora Commission, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said there was 15 hours delay before the flight left South Africa. She had earlier told journalists that the South African authorities brought new immigration rules before the affected Nigerians could be allowed to board the aircraft.

According to Dabiri-Erewa, the Federal Government is giving N40,000 worth of airtime to last them for two months as well as stipend of N10,000 for transport. She also said there were plans for the Bank of Industry to provide some money for the returnees to start small businesses.

Meanwhile, the Chief Operating Officer of Air Peace, Mrs Toyin Olajide, said the evacuation would cost the airline about N300m. Olajide said the cost would include payment of passenger service charge, aeronautical and other charges.


  1. Comment:if South Africa when to stop them Live Nigeria government do something important about the show US actress 9 people and helium you must do something about it

  2. Comment: Comment: Hmm, I really feel for the man who left his wife because she was from Cameroon. I felt it injustice because by marriage, she has already became a citizen of Nigeria too. And this SA, Hmmmmm Buhari I wonder what you are waiting and hoping for oo. Take action and give out the impression to Africa and the world that we are Giant of Africa. I.e if we truly are because based on what has happened so far… I rest my case for now o

  3. Are they mad ni
    They want them out….now that they’ve decided to leave they are still stopping them….something must be wrong with them

  4. Are we still the giant of Africa or not? It has become clear that the south African govt is in support of what their citizens are doing. Nigeria need to take a drastic action against them

  5. After years of laboring only to come back with nothing and frustration will also help issues. People will just look for a quick way out.

  6. Nawooo this serious
    The left everything and come back
    What will them be doing in this hard country
    Well life matters a lot
    They are welcome

  7. my advice to mr Uche Victor since your wife is a Cameroon and you have a daughter with her for the sake of family reunion, tell your wife to take your children with her to Cameroon her country, clear herself with the govt. rules, then she should take a fight from Cameroon to Nigeria after fulfilling all documents. this idea is only applied to Africans that her not south africa citizen. mr Uche Victor follow the steps your family will be reunited.

  8. South African government are really heartless
    Nigerians want to return but they are making their return very difficult

  9. This shows that the Nigerian government is very weak,how can this people ask Nigerians to leave and at the same time,their government is frustrating the efforts of this people to come back home, which means ,they want all of them to remain there and be killed or jailed by their own people,very sad indeed.

  10. wooo the country has really done great this time. they shouldn’t end halfway, completion of a started task is the key.

  11. I don’t know why d government are not doing anything concerning this matter
    Tnks for d information Gistsala may God bless you with all ur good works

  12. Comment: thanks to Allen Onyema for helping to bring back these people. God bless. federal govt giving these guys 40,000 naira worth of air time is arrant waste na. they should give them money to start up something

  13. I really don’t understand why south Africa government are frustrating Nigerians there.
    Nice one for the FGN to give them money

  14. This man has really done great wonder in the lives of this people. And thanks for several opportunities that have been provided to make their lives better. And for the remaining people in South Africa.

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