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2020 budget majorly for uncompleted projects – Kaduna Govt


Commissioner, kaduna State Planning and Budget Commission, Mr Thomas Gyang

The Kaduna State Government says its major priority in its 2020 budget is completion of uncompleted projects carried over from 2019 budget.

Mr Thomas Gyang, Commissioner, Planning and Budget Commissioner, made this know in the 2020-2022 Multi-Year Budget Call Circular, obtained by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna on Saturday.

“Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) are advised to ensure that all ongoing projects that are unlikely to be completed and paid for in 2019 are captured in their 2020 Budget.

“Where ongoing projects exceed budget ceilings, they should be spread into 2021 and 2022 columns of the Multi-Year Budget.

“New projects are not to be integrated into the 2020 budget except priority projects of utmost importance,” Gyang said.

He also requested all MDAs to be guided by the state Development Plan 2016 to 2020 in coming up with programmes and projects to ensure coherent development across the state.

According to him, the administration will continue to focus on economic development, social welfare, security and justice and good governance.

“In preparing the budget, financial resources will be strictly dedicated to meet the objectives outlined in the State Development Plan as it relates to each sector.

“Therefore, MDAs will focus on delivering the outputs and strategies that will deliver the outcomes specified in the development plan.

“Resources should be allocated starting from the highest priority activities and continuing in sequence down to lower priority activities until the budget ceiling is reached.”

To give room for community participation in the budget process, the commissioner advised the MDAs to engage civil society organisations, community-based organisations and relevant stakeholders in drawing up their budgets.

He, however, stressed that inputs from such engagement should be in line with the aspirations of the state government as contained in the state’s development plan.

He also advised the MDAs against presenting over-ambitious budgets, adding that previous budget implementation rates have provided ample evidence of absorptive capacity issues across MDAs and the revenue generating capacity of the state.


  1. Thats good at list we will know those budgets that are uncompleted, n work on them since it’s now on the budget

  2. Thats good at list we will know those budgets that are uncompleted, n work on them since it’s now on the budget

  3. Comment: uncompleted projects left by himself abi who? this one na lie lie, he want to reserve money to run for 2023 election .

  4. The development of Nigeria should be Paramount in the heart of our government, and they should make sure is completed.

  5. Promising month….which uncompleted projects……let them go ahead..they wouldn’t be able to complete its.

  6. Uncompleted projects in Nigeria govts are a regular thing, because they always use such projects to continue to misappropriate funds.

  7. well done Kaduna Governor.

    i think if every state would be diligent like this without cutting corners, Nigeria would be better

  8. Thanks for the information, so far the projects after completion will benefit the people and kaduna state as whole.

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