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2023 Presidency: Nigerians divided over Tinubu’s ambition



Nigerians are currently divided over the 2023 presidential ambition of the All Progressives Congress, APC, National leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu is currently trending on twitter with lots of comments supporting his ambition and others denouncing his aspiration.

To some, Tinubu was the architect of building a modern Lagos, a template which successive governors relied on for successful tenures in office.

Others feel that he is one of the problems of Nigeria for making them to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 and 2019, leading Nigeria into the abyss.

Read twitter comments below:

nightmares and 13 other demons🚶🏿‍♀️@naiightt

Honestly, Tinubu will be the best president to take us out of this darkness. He’s done wonders with Lagos. Besides, If Tinubu wants to be president lol he doesn’t need anyone to vote for him .. if you know you know.

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Åkukaria ⭐️@AkukariaSA

Only idiots will trend this useless hashtag

Where were y’all when Tinubu and MC Oluomo did all their best including intimidation to prevent Igbos from voting in Lagos. Fcuking hypocrites.

Edward .E. Onoriode@Edward_Onoriode

This is my personal choice, if Bola Ahmed Tinubu run for 2023 presidency, believe me, I’d legit vote for him no matter who run against him.

Tinubu may not turn Nigeria to Eldorado if he’s president, but he’ll sure be better than all Nigeria Presidents since 1999.


A Tinubu Presidency will only allow his cronies to steal Nigeria dry! We may not have any paper evidence but that’s what he’s doing to Lagos right now

A Tinubu Presidency will be the height of impunity

No, we don’t want him

Tell him he’s made enough money for himself https://twitter.com/SirLeoBDasilva/status/1160805279593893888 

Leo Dasilva@SirLeoBDasilva

Am I the only one that thinks a Tinubu Presidency would bring a lot of progress to this country?

nene tokutoku antai@neneantai

Tinubu presidency??? Its like yorubas or even lagosians have not received sense yet…

Austin Nwabufo@AustinNwabufo

Never mind, Tinubu is going nowhere, mark my word, we r going to wrestle him to a standstill, demystify him, bring him down from that lofty height n make him look ordinary n inconsequential, just watch n see. https://twitter.com/AloyEjimakor/status/1160989813555781639 

aloy ejimakor@AloyEjimakor

‘Our founding fathers built Nigeria for us, we must not destroy it’ – Tinubu. No, sir. Our founding fathers built a Nigeria of ethnic AUTONOMY and EQUALITY but you and your suzerains gathered in 2015 and DESTROYED it with hate & bigotry. So, your 2023 ambition is up in smoke.

Taiwo Owolabi (magicpen )@Taiwo16556987

U can say u don’t like tinubu,but saying he will not stand a chance is funny,this man ‘supposedly’ help,I won’t use “install” governors in osun,ondo,ekiti,Lagos,Oyo,he even promised to show saraki in kwara,APC won all,I mean gbogbo seat both state,Senate and rep,gbogbo e.

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Joe Odey@JoeOdey

Yesterday I reread Orwell’s Animal Farm from cover to cover and once again marveled at the stark, continuous reality just beneath the satire.

Here’s my extrapolation;

(Mr. Jones)



Lai Mohammed

Ona Opemi Po@I_amNeyo

Some people never enter Lagos before…yet they put mouth in Tinubu and Lagos politics like sey na “we” gada own Lagos.

You don’t see a true and true Lagosian bashing Tinubu. Though we may have differences, Tinubu is still a force that must be respected in Lagos.

Pa Johnson@MrPa_Johnson

So Tinubu is the no one trending topic in Nigeria this morning.
What did the Jagaban do to the children of hate this time.😀

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Mayowa olagunju@iam_doctormayor

Even if tinubu want to run for the post of the president in next general election. He worth it, he has made sacrifice for the democracy. For buhari and the whole Nigeria


Emeka Ayaoku visits Obasanjo in his farm after his return from gulag which Abacha sentenced him to in 1998. My Igbo brothers, Yorubas are not your enemies and not all Yorubas are Tinubu or Buhari lovers.

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Suddenly Tinubu has started wearing red cap. Soon Isi agu will follow. Then you will hear how his 3rd wife is Igbo.

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If Buhari can be President, and even win a second term. I will commit myself fully to see to the actualisation of a Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as President.

PMB had short comings and we were asked to waive it, we will waive BATs owns for the greater good

The economy will be better.