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88 snakes found in man’s suitcase



An Austrian man who smuggled 88 living reptiles, including 43 poisonous snakes from the Philippines was stopped by customs officers at Vienna airport, Austria’s Finance Ministry said Thursday.

After the man admitted that it contained poisonous snakes, the officers decided to transfer the closed luggage to Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Zoo, where experts opened it.

They found Samar cobras, Mangrove snakes and vipers, as well as dozens of monitor lizards and geckos. Many of the smaller animals were transported in nylon stockings.

The traveler said that he had planned to sell the reptiles at a fair in Germany.

He faces legal proceedings for alleged breach of Austria’s law regulation trade in protected species.

The zoo in Vienna as well as an Austrian reptile zoo agreed to take in the animals, dpa reports.


  1. They should let him go hard, after they are also collecting the snakes to take to their zoo, he didn’t it was a crime

  2. Wonders are happening as the far go by. I’m not sure what his aclaimed buyers would be using the reptiles for

  3. wooooow! as a conservation biologist, such a man can even be issued life imprisonment.
    animals are rather protected these days not killed.
    must of these animals are going extinct, do we need to rather preserve them than killing them.

    it sounds foolish for a black man

  4. Maybe he wants to sell it and I’m very sure he must be an igbo guy
    Tnks for d information Gistsala may God bless you with all ur good works

  5. Comment: serious matter. these whites can still some nonsense things, snake, poisonous snakes for that matter. he should come to Africa and have them freely jare

  6. How was he able to get those animals together without harming him. Maybe he stole them from a familiar zoo. Or perhaps loves those animals and would like to sell them to a close by zoo whrer he would have eazy feel of them.

  7. But how was he able to smuggle those snakes from Philippines

    Dat guy na igbo man

    And they will say only Nigeria is a porous country dat anything goes

    Na business d alayee wan do

  8. If he really meant to smuggle those reptiles, he would have done it through another means which won’t under go inspection

  9. They should let him go hard, after they are also collecting the snakes to take to their zoo, he didn’t it was a crime

  10. This one enter news too? The man should have opened the bag and release the snakes on the officer. Oga stop and search! The man is doing his business

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