Anambra State Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA) has explained why it banned weekly and daily prayers in Markets in the state.

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According to the president General of the body, Chief Ikechukwu Ekwegbalu, extortion and conversion of the spiritual exercise to a political jamboree were the major reasons why the exercise was banned.

“This move became very necessary because we have discovered that some overzealous ones abuse this practice by extorting market men and women regularly of their hard-earned resources.
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“Some have turned the prayers into a somewhat political jamboree and this is not healthy for the system.

“All market leaders are expected to meet with the traders and unanimously agree on a suitable date and ensure to observe the monthly prayers within a stipulated time of between 7am to 10am.” He said

Praying on a weekly or daily basis is a common practice amongst markets across Anambra.

The Association however said it will only allow prayers to hold on a monthly basis.


  1. Prayers should always be said, but I understand the man, in Nigeria we always see any opportunity as a means to extort people. The monthly basis is OK

  2. Is better that way if they are using a time scheduled for prayer for political jamboree but ensure that the monthly prayer continues

  3. Nigerians we will never change, use any means necessary to extort money from people who are working hard for theirs

  4. Prayer is intended for not for bad…should better be stop if it has started causing political rift between people..

  5. Comment:that’s person that made that kind of law, he’s a devil incarnate

  6. Imagine, when calamity strikes him now he will start calling God… but guess the gospel cannot be stopped

  7. praying as a group is very good. but when God’s name is being used as a means of extortion, it is a deviation. Judgement will start from the household of faith

  8. this one is something else. What is the meaning of this? its all about choice or are they trying to stiffle individual liberty?

  9. Comment:hmm to me this is fanatics because the bible says the love of God should not be with condition we should love him with all our hrt in all season and in all time so i think worshiping God everyday should not bring contradiction they should not banned it in any means or condition

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