‘Most beautiful girl in the world’ Thylane Blondeau, is all grown up! See new photos!

'Most beautiful girl in the world' Thylane Blondeau, is all grown up! See new photos!

Thylane Blondeau, once tagged the “most beautiful girl in the world” is all grown now and was pictured during an outing with her boyfriend Milane Meritte in Los Angeles.


The young couple looked smitten as Milane leaned in to kiss Thylane on the cheek during a shopping trip in Los Angeles on Wednesday.



Thylane, 18, who has been a model since she was a child, showed off her flat stomach in a black crop top and ripped jeans shorts.



  1. Comment:most Beautiful girl in the world at 18 years going out with boyfriend yet the world still celebrate her rubbish

  2. She ain’t as beautiful as Miss Turanyo of Gistala 😍
    Shes grown at 18yrs and the boyfriend looks rugged

    Y do beautiful girls love rough guys

  3. Well said and good information, thanks for alerting us the Gistsala, but she is not the most beautiful girl in the whole world……

  4. She is undeniably beautiful, but to tag her as the most beautiful is what I don’t agree with.
    Good to know she is all grown

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