Busayo And Lecturer Abdul Whatsapp Conversation Leaked


Conversation between I and one of my lecturers who failed me in his course for not sleeping with him.
Amidst the trending #sexforgrade, a Nigerian lady identified as Busayo Temit has narrated her encounter with a randy lecturer.

According to her, the said lecturer identified as Mr. Abdul failed her in his course for refusing to sleep with him.

The lady also shared WhatsApp screenshot as an evidence to backup her claim of being sexually exploited.

In the WhatsApp screenshot shared by the lady, the lecture was pleading for forgiveness from Busayo, but she turned a deaf ears.

Busayo in the conversation called the lecturer unprintable names, apparently, she’s still angered by the treatment Mr. Abdul meted on her.

“I really don’t think you deserve all this. Stop being like this. Seeing you is for just to beg for your forgiveness. Not good to sound this way”, reads a message Mr. Adbul sent to her.

See their conversation below



  1. funny lecturers..
    this country have sex starved people walking around seeking the next victim to destroy with thier sexual fantasies

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