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The following are the names of the Authorized coupon vendors, anyone whose details are not displayed here is not a Gistala coupon vendor/distributor.

Contact any of the numbers below to purchase your coupon code. Don’t be afraid to send your money to any of them for your coupon code, as they are trusted Admins of Gistsala News.

Note that Gistsala will not be held responsible for funds sent into wrong accounts, so pay only to Contacts display.

1.FRANK JOSEPH            08156223912

2.USORO  IYENAM            08161661071

3.ISONGUYO ISONGUYO  09016271654

4.IDIGA EBERE                  08164305926

Remember, the price of a coupon is ₦1,500 only.

If you encounter any challenge(s) with any coupon vendor,Please call us  on +2348156223912