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ECOWAS Parliament set to tackle transhumance, inter-community conflicts


Economic Community Of West-African States (ECOWAS) Parliament. Image source: NAN

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS ) Parliament) on Friday renewed efforts aimed at tackling the problems associated with transhumance and inter-community conflicts in the region.

Mr. Moustapha Cisse-Lo, Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament made the declaration while speaking during the opening ceremony of the Parliamentary Seminar on Transhumance and Inter-community Conflicts in the ECOWAS Region hosted in Monrovia, Liberia, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The Media and Communications Department of the ECOWAS Parliament in a statement, said Cisse-Lo, said the seminar is aimed at strengthening the capacities of Community Members of Parliament on issues related to the problem of transhumance and the management of inter-community conflicts within the ECOWAS region.

According to him, the most worrying is the menace of terrorism which is rampant in the many Member States, citing the case of farmers and herdsmen attack across the Region. He said that the sub-region had been plagued by various crises for more than a decade.

The Speaker recalled that on April 26, 2018, in Abuja, a specific meeting of Ministers responsible for Security and Agriculture/Livestock was held, preceded by a meeting of ECOWAS Experts on conflicts between livestock farmers and farmers.

Cisse-Lo said that unfortunately, while ECOWAS, the international community, and the Member States are working to combat this scourge, crises between various communities are also worsening. He said that at the end of the ongoing Parliamentary seminar, strategies of curbing and bringing the inter-community conflict to an end will be realised.

Earlier, Dr. Bhofal Chambers Speaker of the Liberia House of Representatives said that efforts by the regional body to bring about socioeconomic synergy between Members of ECOWAS states must be considered. He explained that the efforts must take cognisance of the respective cultures and values of its peoples.

“Transhumance is the movement of people with their animals or livestock from one place to another in search of food and better weather for their livelihood. Whilst inter-community conflicts deal with people’s inability to coexist in social or cultural diversities,” Bhofal said.

He further urged the Parliament to consider the sociology of the people of the sub-region, ranging from their traditions, culture, religions and their respective economies to ensure a proper policy prescription that suits their well-being.

Bhofal said that as the region moves more closely together, the means and mechanisms for ECOWAS citizens to live more peacefully could not be over emphasised.


  1. ECOWAS should continue that way in order to ensure member countries are working together to remove the root cause of the conflicts

  2. Comment: the leaders of ECOWAS countries seems to be very very unserious and this is the number one menace bedeviling the region. the leaders of the various ECOWAS countries must firstly have to rise above tribalism and nepotism before such can be brought to the general table. for instance, Buhari who is very tribalistic and has divided Nigeria, causing crisis here and there, what does he have to present to the general body of ECOWAS.

  3. West Africa, in fact the whole of Africa, we’re not serious, this one is just to talk, nothing will still be done

  4. Let it be tackled. At least Nigerians will not be going to Libya and other countries where they are humiliated and looked at like zero

  5. This illegality cannot continue, we shall continue to open and clean up streets and roads that have been converted to markets. We will no longer tolerate shanties and extension of shops into the roads

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