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Eid-el celebration: Fun seekers troop Abuja cinemas


Fun seekers at the second day of Sallah.

Fun Seekers were seen on Monday in Abuja trooping into the Genesis and Silverbird Cinemas respectively to see movies and have some fun with families and friends to commemorate the Eid-el-Kabir.

Some of the fun-seekers who spoke in separate interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said they used the holiday period to relax and bond with families and friends.

Mr Shamshudeen Zubairu said: “During a festive season like this, Muslims share food items, gifts , Sallah meat and also take time to bond with families and friends.

“Sallah is a time for togetherness, and an opportunity to also unite with loved ones one has not seen over a long period of time.

“Prices of food items have come down except for rams which were a bit expensive this year. With the number of people here you can deduce that people are not complaining,” he said.

Similarly, Mrs Zainab Ibrahim said she came with her kids to the cinema to see new movies.

“Despite the fact that we lost someone, I still have to bring the kids out to have some fun.

“We are here to watch the `Lion King’’ and enjoy the sallah,’’ she said.

Mrs Amina Ejiofor, another fun seeker, said she was at the Cinema to enjoy the holiday and have fun with her kids.

“I am not a Muslim, but the Sallah celebration has given me an opportunity to take my kids out.

“They have been yearning to see the `Lion king’.

“The celebration is for everyone to take a break from work and bond with the family.

“I do not think that the state of the economy has stopped anything, people are all over the place having fun,’’ she said.


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