How to make Money

Do you know that Bloggers in the world make millions of Dollars from your activities on their blog/websites but don’t consider the fact that you actually spend your money on data and spend your time too to generate this huge amount for them?

They hurd this dollars and buy flashy cars for themselves and loved ones without considering the individuals that  generated this funds for them through their activities online

That is the difference we are making on, we have taken time to design a website that will enable us share our revenue with you, taking due cognizance of the fact that we generate this funds because of your activities online,you should be rewarded for deeming it fit to visit our website among numerous others. is a news platform owned and managed by Goldlife Integrated Services, a registered Company with the Nigerian Cooperate affairs commission (CAC) with Registration Number -BN2508518.
We have  our office in Abuja at 5 Durban Street Off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent,Wuse Zone 2,Abuja FCT Nigeria.

To that effect ,we hope to share our revenue with you in the following ways,splitted into two


1. N50 – Registration bonus.

2. N50 – Daily login

3. N2 – Comment bonus per post on Homepage.


1. N100 – Registration bonus.

2. N50 – Daily login bonus.

3. N50 – When you comment and share our  sponsored post on your on Facebook timeline.

4. N2 – Comment bonus per post on Homepage.

5. N200- First person to comment on sponsored post.

5. N50-uploading a post on our forum

6. N1,000 – Referral Bonus for each person you refer to Gistsala that becomes an affiliate.


If you accumulate up to N5000 ,you are free to apply for withdrawal from Wednesday to Friday every week and we will do  what we are called to do by paying into your bank account on sunday as payment is weekly.

NOTE:That Referral on Gistsala is highly optional as you will be paid even without refferal,so all you need is do your part and lets do ours!