Important Notice For Every Gistsala Member


Good morning family members, trust you all had a wonderful night rest,we also hope that this notice is meeting you in Good health.

In a bid to bringing a better service to your door step, we have decided to make this notice in order to put you through in areas you may not be friendly with.


1.SPONSORED POST:The sponsored post in located inside your affiliate dashboard,to comment on a sponsored post per day, log into your account,click on affiliate dashboard, select sponsored post,follow the instructions, comment and share to earn.Sharing the sponsored post is very necessary, as earnings accumulated by comments on the sponsored post,not shared  are not paid on withdrawals.

2.WITHDRAWAL:The withdrawal button is also located inside your affiliate dashboard,withdrawal for referral earners are made every Friday whereas that of activity earners are made on the 28th of every month,this month unexceptional.The withdrawal button  is opened by 9:am and closed by 11:59 pm  on a withdrawal day.

3.REFERRALS:If you refer anyone or  share your referral link to friends and want to Confirm if they registered with your referral link,just click on referrals in your affiliate dashboard,the earning for referring them will be there and the status will be unpaid,meaning that we have not paid that particular money into your bank account,if we do the status will change to paid.And such earning are called referral earnings.

4.POST CREATION: We acknowledge your efforts in creating posts, please note that we approve posts that come with images that best illustrate the content,post that does not contain spam or Hyperlinks,make these correction and have your post approved.

5.WE LOVE YOU:When we say this, it comes from he depth of our heart and we mean it, we acknowledge the fact that we wouldn’t have been here if you were not there,so we value you.

N/B:As we get ready for this week’s withdrawal,we encourage all referral earners who have 4k or less in their earnings to kindly complete it and apply for withdrawal and let’s do what we are  called to do.

Free members are also encouraged to get a coupon from any of our vendors  to upgrade and explore their affiliate dashboard,Gistsala is sweeter and beautiful as an affiliate member,just give it a try and see what is embedded in that your affiliate dashboard.

Do you still have questions, kindly call us on 08156223912 and we shall be willing to answer them to your satisfaction.


Gistsala Team.


  1. Good information. It is very encouraging to get feed backs like this from this platform, it shows that we are partners. I would like to kindly implore you guys to keep to your promises as regards withdrawals because it is not easy for one to go through all these sacrifices and not get rewarded accordingly. Thanks

  2. Thanks the customer care and the team as a whole are doing great job now after family discussions within the group now good things are coming out kudos guys

  3. Well said, well noted. But u r not talking on the sponsored post bonus which u out our hope since it starts to know who are the qualified, and if they have or have not been paid. I just feel I ought to be a beneficiary also.

  4. I hear, but you dUP me in your last activities earning of more than NGN4,000. Kindly restore my money back into my dashboard. Thanks and God bless you if you do so. Amen

  5. Comment: thanks for the update, I really appreciate the fact that you guys have always tried to take us off the dark and carry us along. for the sponsored post, sometimes, after reading through the post, the Facebook logo for sharing on Facebook is never appearing. this has happened several times, kindly temper justice with mercy o, it is never my fault o

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