Important Notice on Tommorrow’s Withdrawal


Good morning family members, trust you had a wonderful night rest.

Like we have always done, the withdrawal portal shall be open  tomorrow for all referral earners that accumulated up to N5000 over the week and wish to apply for withdrawal to do so at ease.

We  encourage every referral earner who has accumulated N3000 or N4000 to please complete it and apply for withdrawal.

Withdrawals for activity earners holds on 28th of this month,so  there is no cause to panic,just make sure to do the right thing and we are  devoted to making  you smile by month end.Do not make single-word comments like OKAY,OK,GOOD,INTERESTING,THANKS,THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION, NICE, WOW! or it’s equivalent on any of our posts,share our sponsored post on your Facebook timeline and do not make double comment on any of the posts.

Everyone in the free membership level are advised to click on Buy coupons here get a coupon from any of our vendors to upgrade and enjoy the dividends of the affiliate membership,Gistsala will always be the best place to be.

As you may already Know, there are over 10 million active Nigerians Online but Gistsala has just 3873 members.Thus, there are millions of prospects waiting to be reached with the good message of earning money from their online presence on Gistsala. Reach as many as you can and make good money!

We encourage everyone to go out there and tell your friends about Gistsala and the difference we are making here, remember that you have a reward of N1000 for each your friends that registers with your referral link.We charge you to share the good news, tell your friends to come,partake in the gist and get paid.

Call us on 08156223912 For more inquiries.

Happy withdrawal Great Gistsalaians.

Happy Unlimited Earnings.

We love you!


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