MORE THAN LOVE : The prologue


It’s one of those days when everything seems dull, one doesn’t know if it’s going to rain or not. The sun is down, the weather is chilly and everybody’s mood isn’t any better.

The student of Cresent international college were having their usual siesta break period yet no one is having a wonderful time. The reason is not just due to the weather but because of Mrs Cook,the principal of Cresent international college. Unlike other days when she will be busy with administrative work, she has chosen to stay behind today and “keep an eye on the children”. The students do not know which is more annoying, that she keeps refering to them as children (including SS3 ones) or that she believes they need to watched over like some little chicks least they get hurt or missing.
It’s no news that Mrs Cook is disliked by the school including teachers who believe that her method are too strict, many wisphers behind her back even though she overhears plenty of such conversation.

Some claim she is a witch, others term her hypocritical bitch who uses the cloth of morality to cover her many sins, Despite all these accusations Mrs Cook refuse to reply, for what can she say when she knows part of it is true. She is a witch, devil’s own daughter, and a disgrace to womanhood. Yes,she admits to all these for the secrets she carries in Her heart for the past 18 years will haunt her till eternity.
Just few meters away from where Mrs Cook Stood keeping watch, three friends stood pretending to focus on the chocolate biscuit they eating when in reality she was the topic for discussion. Nimat, Lade and Amaka have been good friends since JSS 1 when they got newly admitted into the school. Each prefer their Nick Name when among their peers, Nimat is Nini, Lade is Lads, and Amaka is Maks, they are close, tight and best of friends.

Nini looked over at her witch of a principal who won’t hesitate to punish anyone for the slightest misdemeanor, “What in God’s name is this woman doing out here? How are we going inform others of the party if she is nearby?, Nini, you worry too much, just chill jor, replied Lads. When both girls didn’t receive any contributions from Maks, they turned to her only to find out she is staring at a group of guys but only one of them held her interest, and they know who, in fact the whole school knows for Maks has been dieing for the one guy she can never have, Jackson King. To say he is from a rich home is an understatement, His Father is the Second richest Man in Nigeria and as a result has his own cliq of equally rich friends he hangs around with. Maks isn’t from a poor home either, her father is a certified Gynecologist and popular across the country and beyond but she knows she can’t compete with Jackson in terms of family wealth. Not just because He is Jackson King but he is Mrs cook’s son, well Step-son is more precise but the witch has come to love Jackson as her son even though it’s one sided, because Jackson hates her with passion.

The thought brought a smile to Maks face. Maks, Maks, Maks called Nini repeatedly but the poor girl was carried away by her day dreaming that she didn’t reply even though she was been tapped by Lads. Amaka Joel, I swear if you don’t reply me right now I shall give a dirty slap, I don’t mind incurring the wrath of that witch of a principal. Amaka jerked at the sound of her full name, “what is it? Must you girls shout my name? Am not deaf “. You could have been deaf for all we know, do you know how many times we called your name even though you were beside us? Replied Lads. “Whatever, answered Maks, What were you guys discussing about? “. “About the party, idiot” Nini responded, “How do we send the invitation card when the witch is vigilant? “.
Maks turned to look at Mrs Cook then turned across to look at Jackson, “I think I have an idea, leave everything to me “


  1. This is a very interesting story, but the story is not complete yet. I will like to see the end of the story.

  2. What a wonderful write-up! You needed to take it to publishers and do not forget to add more chapters. Kudos to you

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