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In 2018 when I was a student of the Nigerian Law School Abuja, I started searching for the best Legal way to make money online in Nigeria.

I was particularly interested in blogging as my friend was already earning N600,000 monthly from Google, doing normal but rigorous and tasking blogging.

However, I didn’t want that type of blogging because of my lectures and activities in the Nigerian Law school. So, I continued my treasure hunt, I knew there must be a better way – easier, faster and yet Legal!

After 2 months of in-depth searching and experimentation of various means systems, I discovered the Comment-to-Earn system!

This is simply News Blogging with an Affiliate system.

It allows you to charge a registration fee for people to join your website and you earn dollars monthly from Google Adsense through the activities of people on your website.

The members refer their friends and perform activities on your blog and get a part of your monthly revenue – an absolute win-win situation!

When I discovered this system, I knew I had found it, a great way to legally earn money online, but I didn’t know it was more than that – I had just struck a goldmine!

That was how was born and has since grown into one of the top 10 online forums in Nigeria with over 77,000 members and still growing!

In Wakanda’s first month, I struggled to grow the system alongside my very busy Law School schedule and I made many painful rookie mistakes. After 30 days of putting in my best, I had just 14 members and about $21 Google AdSense earnings. Quite sad.

It became obvious to me that developing a comment-to-earn website was one thing while growing it to succeed was another thing – the harder thing.

I almost gave up but giving up wasn’t my thing, I persevered – albeit in a better way. I sought help from people with great marketing results.

I contacted one of Nigeria’s top digital Gurus to mentor me on effective system growth using digital platforms.

He charged me N175,000 for one-week Online mentorship and I gladly paid because I knew he would solve my growth problems and I will make back the money and much more in a few weeks.

In the one week mentorship, he exposed me to digital marketing and growth acceleration secrets I couldn’t have learned in one year on my own!

With the new hot secrets I learned, I set my registration fee at N1,300 and monthly income expectation at N200,000 but that figure turned out to be a child’s play!

In 3 weeks of implementing what I learned, I got my first 2000 members and made over 2 million naira in revenue!

Since then, Wakanda’s monthly Google AdSense earnings grew from $21 to $1000, $5000, $10,000 and much more every month!

Membership also grew from 14 to Tens of Thousands and we have paid out over 150 Million naira to Members all over the world.

All these were possible because of mentorship; the right mentorship…

And for any doubting thomas, you can check the Wakanda Payout page to see records of payments and Testimonies from thousands of members in Nigeria and many other countries.

Also, in September 2018 when we had just about 1000 members, we earned $2,225 (that is N801,000) from Google Adsense alone.

See screenshot evidence below:

Now, Guess how much 77,000 members make us monthly on Google AdSense?? Can you guess correctly? lol.

All these shows that impossibility exists where there is a lack of knowledge and effective mentorship!

For Many Months, I have kept the Wakanda Success secrets private and never publicly divulged it until now!

On 13th May 2019, a comment-to-earn blogger who was struggling to succeed contacted me for growth mentorship, I charged him just N120,000 and he paid.

I proceeded to teach him those same success secrets, gave him all the tools plus one-month Follow-up and he was good to go!
Today, his blog with N1,500 registration fee has over 5,900 Members and generated over 8 Million Naira in Revenue within 7 weeks!

See his website:


Again, on 4th June 2019, I developed a Comment-to-Earn blog for another blogger and taught him the same success secrets and he now has over 2,200 members and generated over 3 Million Naira in less than 5 weeks!

He is pleased and happy for what I did for him, that’s why you are reading this on his website.

These Instances show that the secrets are working and will keep working for those using it…

See his Website Below:


What is clear so far is that anyone with a good system and right mentorship can make good money in the comment-to-earn ministry.

yes, you want to make money online but who is your mentor? Does he have a good result?

These are very indispensable to your success in the niche and I am here to help you achieve a good result like the two guys above and myself.

Today, I am willing to develop comment-to-earn websites for 15 people only, give them all the tools, Teach them the secrets and mentor them for one whole month to ensure each of them makes 1 Million Naira in the next 30days!

I know many people have been waiting for this opportunity and that is why I am taking only 15 people.

I can’t handle the crowd that will come from this offer because of other things I do. I want to give maximum attention to 15 people only.

What would you pay me to develop your Website and Coach you?

Before you think up a figure, you should be reminded that I offer 2 selling points that have no price – DEPTH of Experience and Authenticity.

This means that I practice what I preach and I preach what I practice.
It also means than I’m more invested in helping you succeed than in charging you for the assistance.

So how much would you pay to be coached by me for a whole month, to make your first N1M? Have a figure?

N250,000??? That would be fair but I won’t charge you that because I am here to help you!

For clarity, Here is what you will be getting from me:

  1. A beautifully designed comment to earn website with any domain name of your choice.


Here are bonuses you will get:

BONUS 1:  Advanced Google Adsense Training ==== Worth N7,500.

Google Adsense allows you to display google adverts and get paid in Dollars when your members click on it.

In this training, I will teach you all you need to know about Google AdSense.

Go check websites of the two guys I have mentored, they both have Google AdSense and are making good money with it.

You will learn from me personally!


BONUS 2:  Complete Whatsapp Marketing Software.

This software will enable you to market your website for FREE to thousands of people on WhatsApp.

Once you have bulk phone numbers, you can send them bulk WhatsApp messages about your website.

Interestingly, we will add 76,000 Nigerian Phone numbers to enable you to start your marketing immediately!

tribe master.jpeg


All these and much more will be made availabe to 15 people only!

So, how much can you pay for all these?

N300k???  That would be fair but NO!

N200k?  Still No!

Pay just N65,000 and you will be on board!

Yeah, I know it’s a crazy offer but I am not crazy; I am helping you – just 15 of you!

But That’s NOT the sweet Part…

To make sure You don’t miss this opportunity for anything, I will let you deposit N30k and pay the rest when your website is fully developed!

Send N30,000 Deposit or Full N80,000 Now to:

Call/whatsapp +2348156223912  to choose your website name and features immediately.



But that’s NOT all…

I’ve got a special bonus for fast action Takers!

Guess what?

If you pay today, you will get 1 year web Hosting for FREE!

Currently, I spend over N100,000 monthly on servers to host Wakanda and other websites.

If you pay and get a slot now, I will host your website for 1 year FREE!

Pay N30,000 Deposit or Full N65,000 Now to:


Call/whatsapp +2348156223912 to choose your website name and features immediately.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

I trust the system and secrets I will be given to 15 people who will take the slots and I am making a guarantee on that!

So, if you get a slot, get your website and practice all I will teach you and you don’t make money in 30days, request for your money and I will refund you fully without arguments!

No Jokes!!


I welcome you to the comment-to-Earn Blogging Ministry.

See you at the millionaires’ table!

Talk Soon,

Call or chat Frank on Whatsapp

via this number: 08156223912