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How Nigerian elite destroy public schools – NAESN


FILE PHOTO: Chibok public school

By Jethro Ibileke

The National Association of Local Government Education Secretaries of Nigeria (NAESN), has accused Nigerian elite of destroying public school system, in order to build their own.

The Administrative Secretary of NAESN, Mr. Nicholas Agboola, stated this on Wednesday in Benin, Edo State, during a two-day retreat for stakeholders in the nation’s basic education sector.

Agboola, who is also a consultant to the Association, bemoaned what he described as attempt either by design or accident, to emasculate public schools through poor funding.

“Nigerians will attest to the fact that the elite have destroyed public schools system and build their own,” he said.

According to him, the retreat “aimed to take stock of basic education nationwide, the challenges and achievements within the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Act, 2004.”

Agboola noted that education secretaries were at the base of managing UBE programmes in schools at their various local government areas.

He, however, lamented the absence of Edo delegates at the retreat, despite the fact that it was being held in the State.

“I was made to understand that they (Edo delegates) were absent because a private firm in Lagos is the sole manager (consultant) of public schools in the State.”

In his remark, the National President of the Association, Dr. Hassan Sule, said the retreat would afford the education secretaries to explore their potentials.


  1. It is pity from our leaders…..
    Could you imagine the public school i graduated from is still that way.no improvement at all

  2. Comment: government are nonchalant about there school. go to their schools, it’s like where chicken are being reared.

  3. The elites ,most of whom went to govt schools and enjoyed free education and scholarship. Now are the ones who killed govt schools because of their own selfish interest.

  4. That’s not the right way to do things
    Just become,they want to elevate their building
    they had to demolish public schools
    this is really bad

  5. They should lay their blames and accusing fingers on the government for abandoning and neglecting public schools and not to the elites who are bringing forth quality educational services to the masses

  6. Yes i remember been tutored on good governance by Peter Obi he reiterated that
    Private institutions are catastrophe to our Ecosystem in the name of gain

    Gone are days where a General hospital will be chosen ahead of a private owned hospital

    And when the best of academia were product of Public Sec Sch like
    Igbomode Govt College
    Like Lafenwa Comprehensive high Schools

    Those public schools are were the brains of today attended with joy

  7. That’s a real fact. Public schools are nothing to write home about. They will rather set up private schools that charge exorbitant rates than remodel the public ones.

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