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Nine soldiers killed, 20 missing in battle with Boko Haram


Nigerian soldiers

Boko Haram terrorists have reportedly killed nine Nigerian soldiers, with 20 others said to be missing in fierce fight in Borno, Northeast Nigeria.

The fallen and missing soldiers were said to belong to Operation Lafiya Dole.

It was gathered that the bodies of nine soldiers had been recovered in Gudumbali town of Borno State.

This followed a fierce battle between the troops and Boko Haram insurgents who were said to have planned a massive attack in the axis.

The soldiers were reportedly ambushed by the terrorists in a village called Granda, engaging them overnight from Monday until the early hours of Tuesday.

The troops were said to be closely supported with air warfare by the Air Component of the Operation Lafiya Dole.

Sources told Channels Television that some of the soldiers later fled, leading to the overpowering of the military base during which nine soldiers got killed in battle.

They added that seven out of the fallen soldiers were slaughtered as the insurgents beat a retreat.

The bodies of the slain soldiers have since been evacuated and deposited at the military hospital in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

Eyewitnesses’ report said the insurgents carted away a fuel tanker and other vehicles of different brands.

But it is not clear if the terrorists abducted some of the missing soldiers as claimed, as only the outcome of a search party and a headcount would determine that.

The ambushed battalion had just been deployed to Gudumbali to commence a new operational strategy code-named “Super Camp”.

It was gathered that the insurgents had sent out spies around the military base who pretended to be farmers, only for the attack to happen.

The Nigerian Army authorities have yet to confirm the incident and the casualty figure.



  1. This is very painful. It’s true that they are protecting their fathers land with their might but butchering them like flies won’t make it any easier.

    The saddest part is that they are given outdated weapons, against that of these terrorist that wield expensive and updated weapons

  2. This is just bad! and our President @mbuhari was saying that they regard boko haram as bandits not terrorist, they’re just playing politics with people lives

  3. So sad. But we keep hearing that all terrorist have been captured. Where are these ones from? May the dead rest in peace and for the missing, safe return

  4. Wao so heartbreaking.. Rip to our fallen heroes.. And the stupid government will not even talk about this. condolence to the family of the departed souls

  5. Buhari led administration wants to finish our soldier. U and ur people can’t have this country. This is Nigeria, go to ur country and go and be exercising ur power and guts dere. leave us alone, enough of this damage done to ur people, ur people will be roaming the states in the name of rearing cattle’s targeting and taking over all the places, enough is enough, either u so something about this killings everywhere or u go wit ur people.

  6. Comment: I thought one of buhari’s political promises in d first tenure was to stop boko haram. How come they are still operating even in his second term

  7. At this stage of the battle with book haram, the Army is still making this error? It only confirmed to us that there are snitch among the body who are selling them out. I refuse to believe that bullshit that Boko haram sent spies as farmers to spy them out. No , I refuse that. Cos the Army has intelligent and SIB team that can and could have gone ahead to spy the bass before other soldiers land there. Secondly, like I said earlier , with experiences from the past both local and international. They shouldn’t have allowed them to just go and bass there . They should have allowed those who are very used to the Area to be there and then the main troops will come like boost. But just packing them fresh to go base there is of course suicidal.

  8. i thought PMB said they have defeated boko haram? why all these now?
    may the souls of all the fallen heroes rest in peace

  9. I thought the president said that they have been wiped out, that those remaining were bandits, I weep for this country

  10. This is terrible the federal government should find lasting solutions to boko Haram issue they have killed many people

  11. The saddest part is that they are given outdated weapons, against that of these terrorist that wield expensive and updated weapons

  12. Comment: This is sad. I wonder when all these will end in Nigeria. Rest in peace to the dead soldiers and to those missing, we hope things go well

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