Operation Positive Identification: Falana Gets Order Against Army

The Federal High Court in Lagos on Tuesday ordered the Nigerian Army and the Attorney General of the Federation to maintain status quo in respect of their planned Operation Positive Identification.

Justice Rilwan Aikawa made the order at the request of human rights lawyer, Mr Femi Falana (SAN).

Falana had filed a suit seeking to stop the army’s Operation Positive Identification, which requires that all citizens must carry a means of identification to be able to move.

The lawyer argued that such an operation was a violation of constitutional rights to liberty.
In a short ruling on Tuesday, Justice Aikawa ordered the army to maintain status quo pending the hearing and determination of Falana’s suit.

“In view of the agreement between counsel, I hereby order the 1st and 2nd defendants to maintain the status quo pending the determination of this case,” Justice Aikawa held and adjourned the case till November 18, 2019.


  1. great move by SAN falana. We ain’t in the regime of the military again. If this isn’t stopped, the military would harass and intimidate the civilians

  2. Operation positive identification this move by nigeria army is absolutely, a violation, deprivation and denial of democracy right of liberty, national assembly are there do nothing, they don’t even know their purpose all they know is disbursement of money, this is the sign that when unvisionary leaders takes over the government, you are expecting nothing but denialism of people’s right and of corruption of stealing public treasury

  3. This will bring commotion in the country o. What if someone forgets his ID card at home and accidentally fall in The hands of the army and they refuse to believe that you have it, and one thing leads to another?

  4. If the government want to do anything they should first consider the Constitution which state the right and liberty of citizens.

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