Reno Omokri Reacts To Presidential Election Tribunal’s Decision


With this judgment saying that General Buhari is EMINENTLY qualified to contest for the Presidency, how do we convince the next generation of Nigerians that education is important? This judgment gives our 12 million out of school kids hope for the WRONG reason.

Now they think if Buhari can do it, so can I.

To hell with school! This judgment has set education in Nigeria decades back.

#GodBlessNigeria #GodBlessAtiku


  1. Well spoken. We already know Nigeria is a corrupt Country. So we should not expect anything good yet until things are properly fixed starting from our president.

  2. Comment: Ahh despite I don’t know much about the person that made this comment or speech, despite how rude his words may have sounded, he spoke the plain truth. the bitter one for that matter

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