Stop Borrowing! Learn How To Make Money On Gistsala With Your Smartphone


A while ago, I shared news about GTBank’s quick loan facility here. Ever since, I’ve noticed that a good number of similar facilities have popped up and THEY ARE ADVERTISING AGGRESSIVELY.

I understand the allure of having access to quick cash but the thing about collecting ‘gbese’ is that the math would always work out in your head.

At the point of collecting the loan, you are so optimistic and you’re likely to have multiple blind spots.

That ease of accessing the money is likely to blindside you to weaknesses in your repayment plan.

When the lenders come for their money, they won’t be as cordial as they were at the point of lending. At that point, customer service will be thrown out the window.

They say you don’t need collateral but you do – it’s your freedom, peace and joy. It’s the sort of freedom, peace and joy you won’t value until they’re taken from you.

Please be very careful and objective about your borrowing decisions if at all you must. Get a second pair of eyes on the matter if you can.

If you’re married, don’t do it without your partner’s knowledge only to later call up the ‘for worse’ part of your vows when trouble comes.

Seek ways to earn the money you need with your creativity, talents and skills instead. Your freedom, peace and joy are important.

This is not a message that the lenders would love to see on social media but wetin concern me? They’re not my constituency.

Jisie ike

– J.O.


1. Gbese: Debt, usually a significantly large one, pronounced ‘gbay-say’. The ’gb’ sound exists as a single consonant peculiar to some Nigerian languages.


  1. I have been tempted to borrow money on countless occasions but i sat back and reviewed the pros and cones.
    I discovered that it is of no use borrowing the loan because the payback might turn nasty.
    These lenders are not as friendly as they sound.

  2. I never fancied borrowing, i hated it right from start! And I’m so grateful for Gistsala for such an awesome opportunity to be earning while sitting in my house

  3. Hahaha can’t stop laughing, I love this one again. Very hilarious writer there. Wonderful and mood lighting composition. U r good.

  4. You too dey talk Truth.. Nah wetin spoil you be that.. Some people just like Gbese and when time to pay come , dem go Gbe Body upandown

  5. Comment: thanks for this sensitising information baba mi, borrowing in this administration where things are very very shaky is very dangerous.

  6. Comment: Right from the beginning, borrowing is not just my thing. I finds it so difficult to say please borrow me this even if it 10 naira worth price. This is a great enlightenment. it views more to me about the other side of borrowing

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