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Video: Toke Makinwa talks Phone Etiquette


Toke Makinwa

Some persons have decided they will never learn what phone etiquette is, they call as if the phone you are using was bought by them, and so you must be available to answer their calls.

Toke Makinwa rants about respecting people’s privacy when it comes to calls and messages, especially whatsapp, where people send unsolicited videos and unnecessarily long messages, expecting that you read tem all.

Calling someone a billion times, doesn’t mean they are going to answer your call, they could be avoiding you, because you pester them or lack the courtesy to even leave a message, or they might not be available to pick your calls.

Watch the video here and learn, if you are on this table.


  1. Wonderful phone a ethics from Making a. Seriously people can be annoying when it comes to the use of mobile phones or social media platforms

  2. You shouldn’t call anyone more than twice. If he’s busy at that moment, he will call back when he’s less busy

  3. Comment: what kind of hoolabaloo is this one making self; she is now teaching people on how to use phone as if she is the manufacturer. if someone calls you, you can choose to respond to the call or ignore, if you get messages, you can choose to read or ignore, ASAP.

  4. Why is toke half naked she could have opened everything for us to see instead of we peeping by our device

    Etiquette phone
    😂 😂 dont try our Ex’s
    As our future Wife too

  5. She made mega sense. Some people don’t just know how to respect ur phones privacy. They will call 160 times without considering what made them not to pick the first time

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