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Xenophobia: Other Nationals will not be allowed to join Nigerian returnees


Consul-general Godwin-Adama

Nigeria Consul General in Johannesburg, Godwin Adama, says the mission in South Africa has put in place measures to ensure other nationals do not take advantage of the free flight by Air Peace to come into Nigeria.

He also assured that proper measures has been put in place to ease evacuation of Nigerians from South Africa following attacks on them.

Adama on Tuesday in Abuja said that the mission had done proper documentation of those willing to return home.

The Chairman of Air Peace, Mr Allen Onyema, had last week volunteered to send aircraft to evacuate Nigerians who wished to return home free of charge.

“Air Peace is willing to support the Nigerian government’s efforts in this matter by deploying our B777 aircraft to evacuate Nigerians back home,” Onyema said.

The Chairman of the Air Peace had also warned the returnees not to pay any money as the exercise was free of charge.

The consul general said that the two missions in Pretoria and Johannesburg were working assiduously to ensure hitch-free flight for the returnees.

“We are documenting people through filling of relevant form with information such as place of birth, state of origin, local government areas.

“We also check nationality and discourage wives with different nationalities to avoid bringing in other nationals. We equally discourage those wanting to take advantage of the flight.

“The two Missions are working together to make a success of the repatriation exercise.

“Nigerians will be conveyed in buses from the two missions to the airport at early hours of the morning on Wednesday to ensure smooth operations,” he said.

Adama had said that the first flight would leave Johannesburg by 9 a.m. on Wednesday with about 320 passengers, while the second flight would leave on Thursday all things being equal.

The Nigerian High Commissioner to South Africa, Kabiru Bala, also said that the mission was equally responding to the needs of those willing to return, especially those who had issues with their documents.

“We are documenting them. Those without travel documents, we shall provide them with Emergency Travel Certificates.

“There are other governmental procedures that we must observe. Relevant agencies of government in Nigeria must be informed and must be ready to receive the returnees.

“Hard work is now going on at the High Commission and Consulate in this regard,” he said.


  1. Thank God o, finally, pls the people in charge should take it lightly wit the returnees. And why don’t they want oda country who wishes to follow the plane in? They might just be trying to save their lives too.

  2. Hey Broda Dele had saved so much from SA struggle and hustle day in day out
    He’s coming home a Free Man without Document with paying for Air fee

    Big bonaza from Airpeace better than all this 2000×bonus Mtn is doing for us

  3. Is the government making any alternative plans for the returnees. Government should come up with something good to compensate them with

  4. God will bless you so much more Dr. Onyema for this magnanimity.Nigerians that are being lifted home, please just stay and adhere to the rules don’t make it frustrating for the man o.

  5. This ought not to make a news headline, cos tgw next question is what is the govt of other nationals doing? So why will they follow Nigerians to Nigeria?

  6. Comment: Thanks Mr Allen Onyema for offering this golden help to our compatriots. if not for this man, Nigerian govt of Buhari would have left our people over there to perish. I don’t appreciate Nigerian govt effort in this because am not seeing any effort in them; what are they even documenting that you can’t airlift them immediately like the case of emergency. so if it were a war time, this is how delay in the name of documentation will give enemies opportunity to plan and crush all of them at once. bullshit.

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    Thank you Gistasala keep it up

  8. How do they expect wife to leave her husband behind and be coming home just because they are not from the same nationality. Government should re considered that aspect

  9. Kudos to federal government, now South Africa will now know that they are nothing without foreigners, those lazy, Zulu animals

  10. Of course they won’t be allowed to join nigerians. Their government should make the same provision for them. What are they coming to Nigeria for?

  11. Kudos to federal government, now South Africa will now know that they are nothing without foreigners, those lazy, Zulu animals

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